fringed gentian

any of various herbs of the genus Gentianopsis having the margins of the corolla lobes fringed; sometimes included in genus Gentiana
Hypernyms: ↑gentian
Member Holonyms: ↑Gentianopsis, ↑genus Gentianopsis

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: any of several No. American herbs of the genus Gentiana having the margin of the corolla lobes fringed: as
a. : a widely but irregularly distributed annual or biennial herb (G. crinita) of eastern and central No. America that has violet-blue or white fringed flowers
b. : a similar but somewhat smaller blue-flowered plant (G. procera) of central and western No. America

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a plant of the genus Gentianopsis (or Gentiana), esp. G. crinita, having a tubular blue corolla with four fringed petals.
[1805-15, Amer.]

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fringed gentian «frihnjd»,
an eastern North American gentian with a showy, sky-blue, delicately fringed corolla.

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